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Study Courses   CP ECTS Examitaion form Lecturer
 A Compulsory Modules   22 33    
Strategic Management A 4 6 exam Dr.oec., prof. T.Volkova
Contemporary Research in Business. Different Industries Perspective A 4 6 exam Dr.oec., prof. A.Ciijevskis
Research Design A 4 6 exam Dr.Habil.oec., prof. V.Kozlinskis, Dr.math., prof. J.Vucans
Research Theoretical Part A 3 4,5 exam Dr.habil.,prof.V.Kozlinskis, Dr.oec.,prof. T.Volkova, Dr.oec., prof. A.Cirjevskis 
Data Mining A 4 6 exam, prof. I.Jackiva
Contemporary Research in Finacial Management A 3 4,5 exam, doc. Irina Kuzmina
B Limited Choice Edition   6 9    
Ogranisation effficiency management B 3 4,5 test Dr.oec., Doc. S.Babris
Human Resource Management B 4 6 exam, A.Sarnovičs
Innovation Management B 4 6 exam Dr.oec., prof. T.Volkova
New Scientists Lab- asvancing skills for developing doctoral thesis B 2 3 test Dr.oec., A.Sauka
Psychology of Management B 3 4,5 test Dr.Sc.adminitsr. L.Dubkevičs
 C Free Choice Electives   4 6    
Academic writing in English C 2 3 test Dr.philol. S.Kraze
Contemporary Enterprteneuship Research C 4 6 test Dr.oec., A.Sauka
PhD level course at another University 1 C 3 4,5 test -
 D Research Work   88 132    
Publications 2(minimum 3, each 2 KP) D 4 6   Scientific Supervisor 3
International Scientific Conferences and Seminars 2(incl.minimum 3 presentations) D 4 6   Scientific Supervisor
Seminars 4 D 4 6   Scientific Supervisor
PhD Thesis and Defense D 76 114   Scientific Supervisor
KP total:   120 180    
 1- an optional course subject is accepted by the scientific supervisor and program director. If CP in Part B exceed the required, they may cover CP in Part C 
 2- for each publication or presentation 1-2 CP, depending on the edition (conference) rank. Determines the scientific supervisor and director of the program
 3- list of scientific supervisors. Professors from other higher education institutions can be invited as scientific supervisor
 4- for getting  4 CP student has to participate in at least three seminars, at least at one present the presention