Dr.oec., Ingrīda Jakušonoka



Dr.oec., Ingrīda Jakušonoka



Professor at Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU)


Address:  Svetes str. 18, Jelgava, LV-3001, Latvija


2001-present               Professor, Institute of Finance and Accounting  Interest in science – Regional economics, Investment management, Financial management, Credit system.

2010-present               Member of RISEBA  Promotion Council, Branch of Management Science's Promotion Board

2010-2019                   Latvian Council of Sciences Expert in Economics

2011-present               Member of Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists (NJF)

2005-present               Member of the Promotion Council at LLU, Promotion Council Branch of Economics sub-branches, Agrarian Economics and Regional Economics

2001-present               Member of the State Exam Commission for master study programme “Economics”, faculty of Economics, LLU

1992-present               Member of Convention of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

1992-present               Member of the Senate of Latvia University of Sciences and Technologies


Participation in the ESF project EKOSOC 5.2.3.  and ESF project “Support for Implementation of Doctoral Studies at LLU” ,participation in LLU grant project 09.1478 “Latvia’s Tax System and its Problems in the Development of National Economy” (Researcher), Manager  of Project  No. XP88 “ Development and Financing of Small Enterprises in Rural Areas of Latvia” and Project  No. 07-51 “Development and Financing of Small Enterprises in Rural Areas of Latvia “


Researcher  in the LCS project 05.1900Latvia’s Tax System in the Development of Economics and Social Justice and Security project No.06.0040 “Management Systems of Risks and Crises in Agriculture of Latvia”, subproject No. 06.0040.1 “Study of Risks and Economic Threats of Crises in Primary and Secondary Spheres and Elimination of their Consequences” , participation in the cooperation project No.  02-0016 “Risk Management in Agriculture in Latvia” subproject “Research of Economic Possibilities and Threats of Risk and Elimination of its Consequences”.


PhD theses advisor:

Viktorija Rankevica (2006)

Lienite Litavniece (2008)

Romena  Sulca (2010)

Prohorovs Anatolijs (2014)

 Courses delivered:

Securities Market

Financial Investment Management

Business Finances

Economic Evaluation of Projects