Dr. habil. oec., Vulfs Kozlinskis

Prof. emeritus., Dr. habil. oec. Vulfs Kozlinskisfrom 1998-2003 held position  Integrated Norwegian - Latvian Masters Porgramme director at Latvian Agriculture University; since 2006 director of Joint PhD programme „Business Management” at RISEBA University; 2009-2011 head of RISEBA promotional council. Over 25 year experience in academic and scientific field specialized in entrepreneurship education management, more than 70 scientific articles, 17 scientific Latvian and international projects. As scientist and lecturer he has worked in United Kingdom, Israel, Switzerland, Norwegian etc. Certificated expert of Economics and Management curriculum evaluation committee of Ministry of Education; Head of scientific editorial board of RISEBA international scientific conferences; Member of organizing committee of Siauliai University (LT) annual international scientific conference; Head of editorial board of Journal of Business management (Riga); 2001- 2011 was Head of expert commission of Economics and Management study program accreditation committee (EST).


Dr. habil. oec., Prof.emeritus Vulfs Kozlinskis

Director of doctoral programme in Business Management


Address: Meza str. 3, Riga, LV-1048 (Latvia)




2006 – present

Director of PhD studies at RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology


2004 – 2013

Vice-Rector of Research at RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology


2006 – 2011

Head of Scientific Institute at RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology


2001 – 2005

Director of International Master Programme “Business Economics & Management” at Latvia University of Agriculture


1999 – 2003

Scientific supervisor at Latvian – Norwegian study and development centre of rural area


1991- present

Professorat Faculty of Economics, Latvia University of Agriculture


Education and training:


2017 – Sertificate, Academic Information Centre  (AIC)

2007 – Sertificate, University of Salford

1993 – Dr. habil. oec. Diploma, Latvian Council of Science

1991 – Course of  Economy, Sweden University of Agriculture


Publications in corresponding scientific field (since 2006)

More than 70 scientific articles

Directions of research: Unstability of socioeconomic system, Business Macro Environment in Baltic States


1.      Kozlinskis, V. GROWING INSTABILITY OF THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC SYSTEM. Journal of Business Management, 2016, No.11, p. 4.-13.

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11.  Possibilities of growing employment in Kurzeme region. 2007, www.nva.lv/esf/docs/16 469cb5bla7f9f4.99374331.pdf

12.  Evaluation of some business macro environment forecasting methods”. Co-author K. Guseva. Journal “Journal of Business Economics and Management”. Berlin. 2006.


Scientific projects (since 2006)


1.      Expert of project 260706/C-199 - the Ministry of Agriculture „Preliminary (Ex-ante) assessment of program project of rural development in Latvia 2007.-2013.” (2006-2007)

2.      Development and approbation of monitoring system’ methodological base for Baltic state entrepreneurship environment growth (Latvian Council of Science) (2006.).

3.      Project leader of Ministry of Agriculture project “Differentiated value added tax rates for certain food groups, impact on the consumption of these products and the product manufacturers' competitiveness” (2007)

4.      Project of Ministry of Agriculture „Administrative Burden and Expense Evaluation for Latvian Farmers” (2007) Leading Researcher

5.      EEA/Norwegian Project LV0040 „Developing and delivering innovative training modules for Baltic executives using an interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship and advanced technologies.” Project (Oversight Board member).

6.      ZM/LAD Ministry of Agriculture project 1120608/S258 „Administrative Burden and Expense Evaluation within Food Safety Normative Act Regulation”.  Senior researcher: V. Kozlinskis

7.      Expert in project EEA Project LV-0040 "Developing and delivering innovative training modules for Baltic executives using an interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship and advanced technologies" (2008-2011)

8.      Latvia –Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013- project LLII-070 “Reduction of administrative burden for enterprises in Latvia –Lithuania border regions” (2010-2011) Project board member

9.      Project SmartComp „Smart competitiveness for the Central Baltic region” -  Board member

10.  Project CAL4INO „Creative Activities in Learning for Innovation” (RISEBA) Board member

11.  Ministry of Agriculture project "Influence to the Latvian economy of reduced VAT rate arrangement to the groups of foods " 2012-2013 (RISEBA; LLU) Senior Researcher

12.  Ministry of Agriculture project „Comparative analysis of competitiveness indicators of Latvian food industry” (Nr.ZM/2012/13_EZF_ELFLA). (LLU) Senior Researcher

13.  Project financed by the JSC "Latvijas valsts meži" No 5.5.-5.1-001y-101-14-42 (L215) "Social-economic Assessment of Different Land Management Models" Senior Researcher

14.  ZM projekts 2013/86 „Pētījuma veikšana par piena un gaļas konkurētspējīgu un efektīvu ražošanu” apakšprojekts „Efektīvas saimniekošanas modeļu izstrāde” (2014.-2015.gads )

15.  Effective management models design”. Project No. KL9-2

16.  Agricultural development prognosis and policy scenario till 2050 year”. Project No. S284

17.  Agricultural development prognosis and policy scenario till 2050  year”. Project No. S301