Interaction of personal career behaviours and values of an individual and effect thereof on subjective career success

Economics and business: foreseeingchallenges and opportunities

14th Annual Scientific Baltic Business Management Conference ASBBMC 2021, 1-3 June 2021 Riga, Latvia  (Doctoral Pre-Conference on 31 May)


We welcome submissions addressing the following areas:

Researchers are invited to submit an abstract of a full-text article for discussion in several parallel sessions.

We welcome case studies and teaching notes on expected and unexpected challenges and opportunities; sustainability initiatives, practice and business models; and any other related topics.

•       How to stabilize the economy on the national and global levels

•       Employment relationships and human resource management in times of uncertainty and volatility

•       What new strategies, core competences, and managerial capabilities will companies need to compete in the competitive landscape today?

•       How business is going to react to anticipated future change, including necessary shortening of the supply chain

•       Opportunities and challenges connected to deep structural changes

•       The changing consumer landscape in the post-COVID world: new challenges and opportunities for businesses

•       Growing uncertainty in the financial sector

•       Management education during the crisis

Participation in the Conference is possible both online and in person

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