Our Doctoral Students about Programme

Fully believe it is necessary emphasize the high level of teaching in our Doctoral Programme, especially, several Professors should be remembered as great contribution of their study courses: Research Methods (Professor Vulf Kozlinskis), Strategic Management (Prof. Tatjana Volkova), Data Mining (Prof. Irina Jackiv). Is it easy to learn? Successful learning requires great efforts of time and energy... Read more

Anatolijs Prohorovs,

Joint Doctoral Programme gave me comprehensive knowledge to identify and research complex issues within the field of business management. This Doctoral programme fosters students to independent and creative work at the same time providing friendly guidance to chosen research direction. There are many opportunities to exchange the ideas with the best of the field professors teaching in thisjoint Doctoral programme... Read more

Inga Jakobsone,

Most of my fellow students considered doing and completing their PhD is the hardest thing they have ever done. That’s true! The majority of us were thinking that our life will just get easier afterwards. That’s false! Our life is more interesting, but it is not easier. Completing the PhD does not mean getting more money or higher salary the very next day, but it means following the wish to challenge yourself... Read more

Jekaterina Kuzmina,